General Rules

  • If you receive an invitation to give a platform presentation, SAC Europe will subsidise your travel expenses under certain conditions.
  • PowerPoint or PDF presentations are the preferred formats for the platform presentations. Prezi can be used as an alternative, but only if you access your presentation online (Prezi Desktop will not be installed). The electronic projection equipment provided in each room will include a computer equipped with Windows 10 and PowerPoint 2016. It is highly recommended if you are a Macintosh user to test your presentation on a PC to verify it converts to WINDOWS format accurately. There will NOT be any MAC equipment available.
  • Computers in the session room will have an internet connection.


  • The presentation of a slide talk or computer presentation is quite different from the presentation of the same information in a journal article. Keep in mind that in a slide presentation, you have 20 minutes: 12 minutes for the presentation, and 8 minutes for discussion (questions concerning the topic, remarks on the presentation layout and performance etc.)
  • A slide presentation should include a title slide, a slide stating the question or hypothesis to be addressed, and a slide describing the overall approach you used to address the question. A “methods” slide should be included but should never include the details of the method unless the purpose of the talk is to describe the method. The next several slides should present the results obtained, and a final slide should give the conclusions of the study.
  • Lettering and numbering on your PowerPoint presentation must be readable from the back of the room. Text should not exceed 8 lines.
  • An effort should be made to reduce clutter on PowerPoint slides. Prepare your slides to communicate ideas, not details. If attendees want details, let them ask you in the Q&A period.
  • Graphs are best used to convey trends, comparisons, and relationships. A table in a published article is much too detailed for a slide presentation. Take the time to think through what conclusion you want to present from the table and present the least amount of material you can to communicate that idea. A graph or photograph may better communicate your data.
  • Use horizontal position (landscape) for all PowerPoint slides.
  • Pre-meeting rehearsal by presenters is a must to ensure that speakers finish within the allotted time and the take home message of the presentation is clear. Review your presentation on a different machine from which it was originally prepared to ensure the backgrounds, transitions, video clips, graphics, and linked images appear properly.
  • Please bring your presentation to the meeting on a USB Memory Device.
  • Presentation upload:
    • Upload your presentation 30 min before the start of your session in the respective room. You should also upload any movie or audio files that you want associated with the presentation. The file size limit is 75MB.

At the Meeting

  • Be in the session room at least 30 minutes before the beginning of your session and introduce yourself to the Session Chair(s). Provide appropriate, concise biographical information to him/her for your introduction.
  • Stay on schedule. You have been allotted 12 minutes for your presentation and 8 min for discussion. The Session Chair(s) have been instructed to require all speakers to adhere to this limit. A general rule for the amount of slides to be presented is one per minute available presentation time.

Should circumstances prevent you from making your presentation and attending the meeting, you must notify the SAC immediately by sending an e-mail to