Travel Grants

A limited number of travel grants are available for SETAC student members (travel costs only, visa and accommodation are not included). The Student Advisory Council of SETAC is working hard to provide funds that can be offered to the participants as travel support. The number of available travel grants will depend on the final budget of the meeting.

The Council will address each of these applications on individual basis, and we will do our best to award the travel grants to participants who need them the most.

We still urge all of the participants to choose the most cost-effective itinerary. Please consider that for some participants the most cost-effective itinerary means taking ground transport. We are aware that for some participants this may mean spending more time traveling, flying out from smaller airports (and/or at an inconvenient time), or taking trains/buses. We urge all participants to do this so that additional money can be invested in order to have the most enriching experience for as many students as possible.

We might not be able to provide travel grants for all participants, nor promise to cover full travel cost of students who do receive the grant, but we will do our best to make this meeting a reality for all participants who had their abstracts accepted.

We advise you to wait for the confirmation and detailed instructions regarding the grant approval before booking the flight if your participation is dependent on the travel support.


  • Candidates must be a SETAC student member (BSc, MSc and PhD students; Please provide member ID and upload a valid student proof).
    • A guest or lapsed membership is not valid and the membership must be valid until after the meeting. Not sure about your membership status? Please check here or contact us.
  • Must have submitted an abstract to the YES Meeting in Ghent.
  • Must submit a motivation letter.


  • Grants are personal and cannot be given to others.
  • Travel grant recipients must attend the full meeting.

How to apply?

Grant application will close on 2 December 2018 23:59 CET. 

  1. Prepare your documents (valid student proof, motivation letter),
  2. Check your SETAC membership (Lapsed or Guest membership status are NOT valid)
  3. and submit your application by 2 December 2018.
Application Portal


If you have any general questions about the grants please contact us at

For questions about your membership status or grant application please mail to